Do you have to repay a loan in euros at all if you buy Bitcoin from it and Bitcoin replaces the euro as currency at the end of the loan period?

Hi there,

Person A buys a house for 250,000 euros. 190,000 euros of this is a loan.

There is a separate apartment in the house which is rented out and is listed as a credit in this loan (50,000 euros).

I can offset the interest with the rental income, but what about the real estate transfer tax and notary fees?

If you calculate the house with 100% at 250,000 euros, then the apartment is evaluated with 1/5 (50,000) so 20%, should I then offset the upper costs with 20% if necessary or am I wrong?

If so, what if the rental income is less than what I can offset. Can you then add the surplus to the wages? So z. B. I have 3,000 euros in rental income but due to the real estate transfer tax, notary fees and interest I have 5,000 euros to offset, would the remaining 2,000 euros then expire or will I get this offset against my remaining wages or other income?



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