Do you have a coronavirus? Positive patients will receive an email or text message

An extraordinary measure of the Ministry stipulates the obligation to communicate the result of the test without delay, no later than 48 hours from the receipt of the sample for examination.

“Electronic route – sms message or e-mail, speeds up the transfer of information between the laboratory and the patient. As a result, the patient will know more quickly how they are doing and will be able to adapt their behavior to the necessary rules so as not to infect their family, loved ones or colleagues at work. The report with the result will also contain the necessary instructions, “explained the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch.

If the patient is informed that the test has shown the presence of coronavirus or that the result of the test is unclear, they will also be advised to contact their GP and how to proceed to prevent further spread of the disease. In case of a positive result, the patient will be informed that he should adhere to the isolation.

What is home insulation?

Home insulation or self-insulation means staying at home or in a designated area in one dedicated, adequately ventilated room and, if possible, using a separate toilet. This measure may be recommended for people with symptoms or for some time.

Observe the following rules in home insulation:

– Limit any visits.
– Only household members caring for a person with a suspected or COVID-19 disease should remain at home.
– Separate yourself from other people in the household.
– To protect others, use face masks if you are in the same room with them.
– Insulate yourself in a well-ventilated room with the possibility of opening a window.
– If you do not have a separate toilet, an isolated person should thoroughly clean the toilet after each use.
– Use your own towels, kitchen utensils, glasses, drinks, bed linen or other household items commonly shared in the household.
– Be socially active, ask friends, neighbors or social workers for help with the necessary errands, such as shopping for food and medicine.
– Avoid direct contact when communicating with people, for example, have your food purchase delivered to your door.
– Wash your hands before and after any interaction with others.
– Follow the instructions of your healthcare provider (doctor) and call him if your condition worsens.

What is quarantine?

Quarantine means restricting the movement of people who have been potentially exposed to COVID-19, but who are currently healthy and showing no signs of illness. Quarantine is mandatory and usually takes place at home.

Observe the following rules in the quarantine:

– Stay at home (ie do not go to work, school or public places).
– Watch for COVID-19 symptoms – especially high fever, cough or difficulty breathing. If these symptoms occur, consult your GP for advice.
– If you develop a cough, fever and difficulty breathing, use face masks to protect the people around you from infection.
– If possible, arrange work with your employer from home.
– Clean and disinfect your home, especially frequently used surfaces and toilets.
– Be socially active, ask friends, neighbors or social workers for help with the necessary errands, such as shopping for food and medicine.
– Stay in touch with family and friends by phone, email or social media.
– Obtain information about COVID-19 from trusted sources.
– Keep yourself physically active to ensure good physical and mental condition.
– All these instructions can also be given to the patient, for example by a link to a website that contains this information.


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