Do you dream of a white Christmas?

Stable weather with no more snow, increasingly cold degrees and high electricity bills just before New Years.

This is the close-up view of the entire country leading up to next weekend and Christmas week itself. From then on, forecasters aren’t so sure what’s going to happen until Christmas Eve.

– Now and next week there is cold air covering the whole country. And much of Europe north of the Alps. This means the UK will have a much colder pre-Christmas period than it is used to. It’s quite common here at home to have temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees, says state meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes from the Meteorological Institute.

The coast from central Norway and the south mainly avoids the thermometer slowly sinking towards the double digits and on the other side of minus 10.

Here in the long-term forecast for year no you can check the temperature and weather where you will be staying for next week.

72cm of snow

Western Norway and Trøndelag are seeing the same clear, clear weather this week that produced crisp, bright sunshine and a nighttime moon visible in eastern Norway.

Møre, Romsdal and Trøndelag have received the most snow so far. 72 centimeters is the amount of fresh and deepest snow so far measured at conventional measuring points.

Skistua i Bymarka in Trondheim has the ski-friendly weekly code.

In the cold, it is currently Rena at Hedmark who holds the weekly record. On Thursday night it was measured minus 21.2.

Minus 25

That record is unlikely to survive the weekend and the week ahead. In Røros, the long-term forecast shows between minus 20 and 25 for the entire period. Lillehammer becomes stable between 16 and 20 degrees blue at its coldest maximum.

Trondheim will experience double-digit minuses from Monday, Tromsø and Oslo from Wednesday.

WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS: Norwegians Thomas and Daniel had a good experience in the forest a couple of years ago. A pilot kisses the ground after an emergency landing and a bird lurks voraciously under the snow in a Norwegian forest. Photo: Thomas Mørk/Daniel Gunnersen.
sea ​​View

In other words, stably cold here in the north up to the Alps. And further south in Europe much milder, but also more unstable in terms of wind and precipitation.

So next week back there again, with Christmas Eve on Saturday the 24th?

– So far, so far we are unable to provide reliable data. But it looks like there may be milder weather than next week, at least a little milder, says state meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes.

White Christmas: Gjøvik, Tromsø and Kautokeino

And where are we going to have a white Christmas if we can’t see the snow from the window we call home?

Meteorologists have created some statistical calculators based on snow measurements on Christmas Eve over 30 years.

Kautokeino is the Christmas banker with a 100% chance of a white Christmas, i.e. full plate. Tromsø and Gjøvik with the area of ​​Mjø are getting closer with a 90% probability.

In comparison, the chance of a white Christmas in Oslo is 60% and in Bergen 20%.

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