“Do they still want to close beds in the hospital?” We are among the mad! ”

Dr. Vincent cart

December 30, 2020

“We can’t stand them anymore! “
On this day before December 31, 2020, our public hospitals are in tension. We cannot admit our urgent patients to our technical platforms, places are expensive, the SAMU regulations see “Red”! and at the same time, the newspaper “Le Monde” in full 2e wave of Covid-19 and in perspective of a 3e confinement requested by our elites in the Region to protect our Hospitals and caregivers, announces that the closure of hospital beds on the national territory continues!

“We are among the mad! »Would say the former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.
Surrealist? unthinkable? irresponsibility? pure madness? recklessness? … We no longer know.
Finally, this Health crisis that we are living, these crises beyond the crisis of the public hospital, are they not the crisis of our democracy?

To better understand this real divide that feeds the crisis a little more each day, the crises, allow us to get closer to two reference works for caregivers in France during these holiday periods, they explain a lot of things to us.

“Let’s change lanes, the lessons of the Coronavirus” by Edgar Morin and “We broke the Republic ”by Pierre Vermeren. The crises we are experiencing are much deeper and more worrying and come from afar. They touch on the very foundation of our Republic beyond the only health sector.

We can read there: “French democracy is in crisis and very ill. “
Something has broken in the link between the people and the national representation.

Anti-parliamentarianism is in effect, because the French have understood that the real power is no longer in parliament. Rationalized parliamentarism has stripped parliament of its powers and decision-making autonomy.

Obviously, parliament harms democracy. For more than a century the French Republic was built thanks to parliamentary democracy and the deputy was a landmark for citizens, the only local personality able to act in Paris. If his influence has now become mediocre, or even zero, the deputy ceases to represent his constituents who are turning away from him.

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The disappearance of the deputy mayor for the big cities deprives the Republic of strong personalities, intelligence in the field and good sense of proximity linked to the experience of the lived and the real life of our fellow citizens. The weakening of the “godillots” parliament is real. Parliament has become a shadow theater, deserted by the most ambitious and sometimes the most brilliant personalities. A number of deputies are thus elected by default and by renouncing other more suitable candidates, known and recognized… parties elsewhere!

This weakening of its role places the mass of deputies under the tutelage of the caciques of political life and of the state apparatus led by the great bodies of state.

The inanity of the parliament is also accentuated by its duty of submission to European directives and participates in the long regression of the sovereignty of the national parliament.

The parliament which no longer represents the fellow citizens or only some 20% remaining, (The 80% majority indicate in a survey of Figaro IFOP in 2020 that they are moving in 2022 towards an anti-system or protest and abstention!) finds joined by the emptiness and the weakening of the parties henceforth incapable of animating political life. They have too few means, militants, too old in addition, unable to learn the lessons of their failures and bankruptcies, unable to take stock having led them to be sanctioned and released by their own supporters, they have become paper tigers!

The second pillar of French democracy political parties are on the ground.

The citizens understood that their role as voters can be limited to the choices of the mayor and that of the President of the Republic. Apart from these two votes the chance of influencing public decision is slim.

The betrayed, manipulated and disappointed voters find in this dispossession of their votes the essential cause of the deep malaise in our democracy.

The low turnout in elections and the steadily worsening decline in general turnout speaks volumes about the state of decay, fracture, disruption and regression of our democracy.

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Mayors of large agglomerations elected in 2020 with 20% or even 12% of those registered, deputies with 10% of those registered, a President of the Republic voted for by 18% of those registered in the first round as membership votes and 82% who do not validate it, seem unimaginable and yet!

The proportion of committed and regular citizens in elections has fallen sharply over time, which undermines representative democracy. Disaffection, challenge and disengagement are especially high among young people who are nevertheless a symbol of hope and the future. More than worrying! A link has been broken with an increasingly important part of the people who no longer feel linked or an actress of the Republic.

Direct democracy by referendum is not participatory democracy but it is its most tangible manifestation. However, political parties and leaders have never ceased to reject this demand in the name of representative democracy. The direct expression of the people on subjects of general interest, unlike in application for decades in Switzerland, frightens and is feared and is feared by the elites of the French political class.

It is as if the trust between citizens is broken to the point of incommunicability and the deepest contempt.

After the yellow vests, during the Covid-19 crisis, we reached a new peak in the democratic divide. The two France, that of the ruling elites and that of our citizens who no longer understand and no longer support each other. The loss of confidence reaches a level of rejection and fracture never seen before.

Many worrying signals underline the extent of the democratic crisis which is hitting France today. The world of caregivers and white coats find a unique place in this unprecedented and never-before-seen divide. France is damaged like never before.

The distant and shunned democracy, betrayed, misled and manipulated, in the eyes of the 80% of the rejections votes expected for 2022, is not ready to reconnect with the lost confidence of its fellow citizens.

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Studies carried out among our young compatriots in 2017 between eighteen and twenty-five years old show that less than 18% of this young and future population registered on the electoral lists participated in the four rounds of the presidential and legislative elections. Only 18%!

For lack of meaning and legibility of public action and especially of political speech, this new century seems to lead the French (including the youngest) who no longer trust their elected officials at all towards darkened horizons.

While the public hospital is preparing in silence to have to face another societal crisis, to come probably violent, and to continue to be on all fronts at the same time, we continue to want to close hospital beds!

“Learn the lessons of the Covid-19 crisis! »Is displayed and announced to those who still want to hear and believe it and for good reason! and is part of this public and political speech destroyed at the sight of these surrealist announcements.

In a previous column on TV83 Loïk Le Floch-Prigent on the subject of industrialization wrote “we must stop the nonsense”. Our young generations of broken caregivers join him in a truer field speech and send a completely different message to our ruling classes: “we must stop the bullshit!” “

“The challenge of uncertainties”, writes Edgar Morin, in “Changing lanes or lessons from the Coronavirus”, this is a summary of what awaits us for the horizons to come.

In the rank of uncertainties only one contrary opinion. Caregivers in France will be there and the leading actors for 2022 with the citizens. They will, with them, recognize all the “first in the trenches” and “first in chore” actors who have enabled the nation to stand up and so far forgotten and despised, their priority.

In anticipation, too, caregivers in France will close hospital beds to have to assume their missions and the management of future crises and epidemics, this priority, it is a certainty!

Dr. Vincent CARRET
Association of emergency physicians of France

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