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Do not schedule mammograms if you are going to take the covid-19 vaccine – Women – Life

Like any other drug, the vaccine against the new coronavirus can cause some mild side effects such as redness or swelling in the area where the dose was applied, discomfort, chills, headache or nausea. But they are mild annoyances that generally only last one to three days.

Within this list it has also been found that, In some patients, the lymph nodes may become swollen. A sign normally associated with breast cancer, but which, in this case, is generated by the body’s reaction to immunization.

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It is for this reason that some health professionals in the US recommend that women not have a mammogram in the days after vaccination. The main reason would be that el exam could give a wrong result by showing that the nodes in the armpit area are swollen.

“Whenever we see inflation on a normal screening mammogram, we call those patients because can mean metastatic breast cancer, lymphoma, or leukemia“Dr. Brett Parkinson, medical director of the Center for Breast Care at Intermountain Healthcare, explained to the network ‘Fox’.

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In this sense, different clinics in the United States have chosen prevent vaccinated women from undergoing the test, at least no earlier than four weeks after the first or second dose of the biological is applied.

Specialists recommend that women who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus do not have a mammogram in the days after applying the drug.

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“Since we also see swollen lymph nodes in breast cancer patients, hence our concern. Therefore, We asked everyone who is going to have a mammogram if they received the covid-19 vaccine, what dose, when and on which side“Radiologist Holly Marshall explained to the ‘Fox 8’ news network.

In this way, a bad medical diagnosis and unnecessary fright are avoided.

In addition, the doctor explained that this axillary adenopathy, as it is known clinically, is “a normal response that the body has and it means that the body is producing the antibodies to fight the COVID-19 infection. ”

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Assured that the swelling of the nodes is evident two to four days after the application of the vaccine, but with time it subsides. If this does not happen within four weeks of having administered the drug, you should see a specialist.

We don’t want these patients to get a false positive and be alarmed

Who has this side effect?

According to the ‘Fox 8’ news network, data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that more than 11 percent of those vaccinated experience axillary adenopathy after the first dose, while 16 percent do so after the second application.

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Finally, Dr. Parkinson invites women to get vaccinated and postpone their mammogram, because in his experience, it is more difficult to get an appointment to obtain the vaccine against the new coronavirus than to assign a mammogram.

“We don’t want these patients to get a false positive and be alarmed.”, he pointed.


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