Do not play off fundamental rights against each other (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

To the new resolutions of the federal-state advisory service explained about further measures to combat the pandemic Lawyer and Publicist Rolf Gössner on Wednesday:

(…) After all, we learned from the first lockdown that schools, daycare centers and shops with hygiene protection will not be closed again. The fact that sick people, those in need of care, the elderly and the disabled should be given the best possible protection against the worsening corona crisis is to be welcomed and long overdue – including rapid corona tests in these areas to enable safe contacts.

With regard to the incidence of infection, one should actually be much more concerned about shared accommodation, for example for refugees and foreign workers, old people’s and nursing homes, facilities for the disabled and hospitals. Special protection efforts and prevention concepts or measures are necessary here for groups of people who are particularly at risk. One should also be concerned about the lack of staff in health authorities, hospitals and nursing homes. Here, countermeasures must finally be taken – otherwise, if demand increases, the meanwhile increased capacities in intensive care beds and intensive care units cannot be used to save lives. It must not happen again that – as in spring – urgently needed operations are (have to) postponed and that people are therefore in mortal danger or die.

In all of this, consideration should also be given to what seemed to have been forgotten at times: Social upheavals and health consequences caused by rigid restrictions in our daily life must also be included in a constitutionally required balance between freedom, health and life. Because the Basic Law does not recognize a “super fundamental right to health” that overshadows all other fundamental rights, just as little as a “super fundamental right to security”. The (survival) chances of life (in) a society, in particular for socially disadvantaged people and groups, must also be adequately taken into account when weighing legal interests. Health protection and civil liberties must not be played off against one another, human life must not be played off against human rights.

During the debate on a report in the Environment Committee of the Hessian state parliament on Wednesday there was a derailment of AfD member Klaus Gagel. Explained about ite Torsten Felstehausen, Parliamentary Managing Director of the parliamentary group The left:

When the AfD questioned the need for climate protection measures in the committee, Minister Priska Hinz replied: If I showed such an attitude, “I could shoot myself right away.” The MP Klaus Gagel replied: “We can do that.”

Inhuman remarks by AfD members in the Bundestag or in the state parliaments are unfortunately nothing new. After all, agitation and disgusting border crossings are part of the core brand of this group of climate change deniers and racists. Nevertheless, it is important to consistently and decisively oppose the agitation. (…)


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