Do not let people dare to be lonely, Aun Phuwanat Post Khom Think

21 Feb. 2021 19:33

Another celebrity Known to use the same as the top On the side that is okay, Number One, Aun Phuwanat Kun Phin, in addition to likes to post clips The story of a very cute baby. Still likes to keep following social problems over there Latest posts Causing the netizens to like to thump

“Bright eyes start easily, just open your mind and ask yourself why don’t let the brave people be lonely. Don’t be ignorant until you don’t know. What is right or wrong? “

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Sharp thought so much that it was worth thinking. Aun Phuwanat did not specify clearly. What event, where, but many netizens It was linked that it should be political or not? During the council meeting The distrustful debate with the opposition MPs came out, unfolding several irregularities. Government Or maybe not But may be various stories The buxom has actually encountered it, it is possible.

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