Do not let go of Taiwan just like that, China is now increasingly desperate to invite war, including the US right in front of the eyes of the Taipei military offshore – all pages

Sosok.IDChina is now getting more and more desperate to be able to fight arms with Taiwan.

Even his recklessness is increasingly being shown by the Chinese side.

One of them that has just been done is to hold war games right in front of the face Taiwan military.

It is also justified by the Beijing government as a necessary action.

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However, Taiwan criticized what China was doing off the coast of the small country’s territory.

Even during this time, many Chinese militaries, including the Navy and Air Force, have been circulating in Taiwanese territory.

China‘s increased military activity around the territory of Taiwan is a natural move.

Because according to them Taiwan is still part of China‘s territory until now.

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The statement was made by the spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, Ma Xiaguang.

He said that Taiwan is sacred and an inseparable part of China.

“The combat training activities by the People’s Liberation Army are a necessary measure aimed at the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and for safeguarding national sovereignty,” Ma told a news conference.

Not only that, Ma also revealed that China is now fighting the forces that support Taiwan.

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The power in question is the United States (US) which he reveals to be the provocateur of the civil war.

“They continue to provoke and become threat makers and trouble makers,” said Ma.

Launch from Reuters, Taiwan has not stayed silent over the militarization of its opponents in their territory.

Recently, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen also warned of the risk of accidental conflict due to increased military activity.

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He said the island had become an independent country called the Republic of China, the official name of Taiwan.

On the other hand, the Pentagon also expressed concern about last week’s Chinese exercises.

The US has also carried out its military activities near Taiwan, including regular warship voyages through the Taiwan Strait.

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It is known that now Taiwan is trying to strengthen its military defense equipment by adding several weapons of war.

Weapons of war, including combat aircraft, were imported from the United States (US).

This is the reason China is also fighting the US because it took part in the conflict of a country that was once a part of it.



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