Do not eat these foods during the Corona epidemic … Here’s why

09:00 AM

Saturday 10 October 2020

Olga Ninastina, a Russian epidemiologist, confirmed that fast food, canned foods and fried foods are not the best group of foods to maintain immunity, and therefore to eat them during the Corona virus epidemic, noting that it is better to exclude sugar from the diet as well, because it negatively affects the walls of blood vessels .
She said, “In principle, canned foods should be abandoned – these processed foods are deprived of nutritional value. Sugar should also be avoided, as it negatively affects the permeability of the vascular wall and the growth of bacteria. In addition, it is better to reduce the intake of fried foods and fast food.” According to “Sputnik”.
According to the expert, during this alarming period for the population, the immune system needs to be preserved, not weakened, so it is especially important to get enough vitamins and minerals found in green vegetables and salads.
Ninastina advises that it is recommended that the diet contains fish, seafood, poultry and dairy products. You also need to drink more fluids.
The doctor explained that “Corona virus is mainly dangerous for the elderly, so it is important that their diet contains an adequate amount of protein and vitamins. It is not recommended to eat red meat frequently, but it should be present in the diet only once a week.” She indicated that food is not enough to strengthen immunity, you need to move more, breathe fresh air and avoid stress.


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