Do Fogging, Banjar Uma Buluh Canggu Anticipates the Spread of Dengue and Cikungunya Diseases

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, MANGUPURA – In the context of Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day and anticipating the spread of mosquitoes, the area in Canggu Village is spraying ( fogging).

One of the places where the spraying was carried out was in Banjar Uma Buluh, Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

I Nengah Dirga Yusa, as a member of the Banjar Uma Buluh Service, confirmed by the Bali Tribune, that this spraying is carried out twice a year.

The spraying was carried out in the Banjar Uma Buluh area, Canggu Village some time ago (Firizqi Irwan.)

Anticipating the spread of mosquitoes in the dry season to the rainy season is indeed a top priority in maintaining the health of its citizens.

“Spraying activities ( fogging) we do it twice a year, it’s a routine activity here, in Canggu Village and the budget is from the village,” said I Nengah Dirga Yusa, Sunday, August 14, 2022 morning.

As for this activity, he admitted that it did not only take place in Banjar Uma Buluh where he lived, but also in several other places.

I Nengah Dirga said that this activity was carried out from June and August, targeting the locations of Banjar Pipitan, Banjar Padang Tawang, Banjar Babakan, Banjar Kayu Tulang, Banjar Padang Linjong which are in the Canggu Village area.

“For the officers we deploy, each one is different. For Banjar Uma Buluh we deploy STT accompanied by myself,” he added.

He said that this activity had a good purpose for its citizens, because it was the turn of the season.

“Usually a lot of mosquitoes come out,” explained Nengah Dirga.

In addition, he said that if there were several residents who were infected with DHF and Cikungunya, spraying was carried out to anticipate the disease.

“Therefore, we from the village carry out activities fogging this. Hopefully, no one will be infected with this disease,” he said.


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