Dl August: accountants, it is now possible to postpone payments – Economy


Postponement of tax payments resulting from tax returns due on August 20, or “at least”, to create “a mechanism of exclusion from penalties for those who settle, by 31 October 2020, all payments due since last month of March, also in relation to the main tax duties such as VAT, Irap and deed taxes and not subject to suspension “. The National Council of Accountants invoked this, which today, by virtue of the latest government provision, urges “to move, at least until 30 September, also the deadlines of the requests relating to both the non-refundable contribution for those with a tax domicile or operational headquarters. in the territory of the Municipalities affected by calamitous events, both at the sanitation bonus expiring on 13 August and 7 September “. For the national professional president Massimo Miani, “with the August decree, we are preparing to field an additional 25 billion resources which are in addition to the approximately 80 billion of the previous emergency decrees, for a total exceeding 100 billion of euros “, therefore, he presses,” with these additional resources, the Government must find room to order the extension of the payments that we have been asking for for some time. The mechanism – continues Miani – could then be completed with the provision of a penalty of 4 %, which can be reduced by making use of active repentance, for payments made up to 31 December 2020 “.
The accountants, the note goes on, reiterate to the Executive “the absolute necessity of the interventions especially for the enormous difficulties that taxpayers are encountering to meet the ordinary deadlines which, starting from those relating to the month of June, have not been suspended any longer and must therefore be met on time as for VAT payments, withholdings, social security contributions and insurance premiums “.


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