DJK Tura 05 Dümpten’s Handball A Girls Showcase their Skills at International Sønderjyske Cup in Denmark and Prepare for Oberliga Qualification Final

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Mülheim an der Ruhr. On the Pentecost weekend, the handball A girls of DJK Tura 05 Dümpten had to take part in the international Sønderjyske Cup in Denmark. In addition to Germany and Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands were also represented.

The tournament lasted 2 days. On the first day, preliminary rankings were played out in 5 groups with 4 teams each.

In their preliminary round group, the Dümpten team was able to prevail in the first game against HSG Mönkeberg/Schönkirchen with a 15:9 victory. The team played the next two games against Dutch teams and were able to win against HV Odies by 15:3. Against HC Groot Venlo, however, she had to admit defeat in a very physical game with a 5:14 loss.

Due to this – admittedly – unexpectedly good performance, the team from Dümpten qualified for the top group the next day, in which the first eight places were to be played out. With 20 participating teams, it was a respectable success.

On the second day, the women from Turan played the fourth game of the tournament against Flint Tønsberg. It quickly became clear that the game was played at a completely different level in Norway and that there was nothing to gain for the team from Dümpten. With a final score of 21:5, Tønsberg deservedly won.

Because of this defeat we went on against the girls of the VOC Amsterdam. Here, too, the Mülheim team had no chance against a really good opponent and lost 22:9 in the end.

In the last game it was about 7th place. When the women from Dümpten saw their opponent, the atmosphere was in the basement: HC Groot Venlo again. Although the team was mentally prepared for defeat, they didn’t want to let Venlo win without a fight and went full throttle again! The team got into the game well and was able to take the lead quickly and also bring it over time. In the end, the team won 12:11 and secured 7th place. This made the women from Dümpten the best German team.

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All in all it was a very successful weekend with lots of fun on and off the pitch. Nothing was missing and the atmosphere was really great.

At this point, the team and club would like to thank the sponsors and Kiki-Reisen again, who made the weekend possible in the first place. It was really a very nice tour!

The Dümpten handball girls are now using the week for the final preparation and focusing on the Oberliga qualification final at the weekend.

Final of the A youth Oberliga qualification on 03.06./04.06.2023

At the weekend, the final Oberliga qualification tournament of the female A-youth in handball will take place. Participants are 8 teams from the handball districts of Krefeld Grenzland and the handball district of Rhein-Ruhr. The teams bring the points from the respective district pre-qualifications and compete against the other teams at the weekend.

The games will take place on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 in the sports hall Vogteihalle Kerken. The organizer is the TV Aldekerk, it starts at 12.00 p.m. On Sunday, June 4th, 2023, the handball players of the DJK Tura 05 will be hosts in the Boverstr sports hall in Mülheim/Ruhr. The first game kicks off at 11 a.m.

The female A youth of DJK Tura 05 Dümpten brought 3 points from the preliminary round and would be happy about loud support for the Oberliga promotion mission. The physical well-being in the hall is taken care of.

Game dates of the DJK Tura 05 Dümpten (as of 05/30/2023)

03.06.2023 Sports hall Vogteihalle Kerken, Slousenweg 12, 47647 Kerken
2.15 p.m., TD Lank – DJK Tura 05 Dümpten
4.30 p.m., DJK Tura 05 Dümpten – Tschft. Grefrath

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04.06.2023 Boverstrasse sports hall, Boverstrasse 150, 45473 Mülheim/Ruhr
11.00 a.m., TV Aldekerk II – DJK Tura 05 Dümpten
1.15 p.m., DJK Tura 05 Dümpten – TV Aldekerk III
3.30 p.m., DJK Tura 05 Dümpten – SV Straelen

Link to the full schedule:

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