Dj Claudio Coccoluto died

Claudio Coccoluto, 59, one of the most important DJs in Europe, known worldwide, has died. Protagonist in consoles for over forty years. The artist, originally from Gaeta, in the province of Latina, passed away at 4.30 this morning in his home in Cassino, next to his wife Paola and their children Gianmaria and Gaia. For a year he had been battling a serious illness. Just yesterday the Municipality of Cassino announced the creation of a mural dedicated to the missing artist.

The artist, originally from Gaeta, in the province of Latina, had started DJing at the age of 13, as a hobby, in his father’s home appliance shop on the notes of Maga Maghella of Raffaella Carrà. At the end of the seventies he began to make his voice known through Radio Andromeda, the first private broadcaster in Gaeta. Since 1985 this has become his profession. His first experiences in the clubs were at Seven Up in Gianola, a fraction of Formia and at the Histeria in Rome, called by Marco Trani, another very important figure in the world of DJs who died prematurely at the age of 53 and appreciated for his virtuosity at the plates, to replace Corrado Rizza.

Claudio Coccoluto, a star behind the console of ‘Total Volume’, the traveling tour to restart Italy

Ernesto Assante

May 19, 2020

Coccoluto has often participated in European level events. He was the first DJ from the Old Continent to play at the Sound Factory Bar in New York. He also worked for Radio Deejay with his COCCO program in which he proposed DJ sets and mixed live and interacted with listeners.

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Since 1990 Coccoluto has also been a producer of its own material; the last release was in June 2008 with the album Imusicselection5 – Vynil Heart, a collection of 14 tracks made in a single sequence of vinyls and effects mixed freehand like in a club. Among his productions, Do It Whitout Thinkin, Afromarslight, Mind Melody 3.0.

During the lockdown, when the world of clubs came to a halt, he was among the most active in raising awareness in politics and the public opinion on the difficulties of the sector.

Among the first to want to pay homage to the shareholder Giancarlo Battafarano, aka Giancarlino (together they founded Goa, 25 years of history in Rome, the only club in Italy to finish in the rankings of the best in the world): “The greatest teacher and friend of all time is leaving. He has given culture to music in clubs as a DJ and artist out of the chorus. Always ready to put his face to the media both for the joyful aspects and for the problems of our sector. With him a part of me goes away “.

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