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Divorced Rumored, Aldi’s Sweet Sayings for Ririn at the Wedding Anniversary Becomes the Spotlight



The households of Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Aldi Bragi were exposed to unpleasant issues. After a long time not appearing together, the wedding of the artist couple was rumored to be in the middle of the horn.

Ririn himself denied the slanted news. This 34-year-old woman did not clearly explain what happened between herself and Aldi. However, he was reluctant to comment further.

“Whose photo? Who deleted it? In fact, I haven’t heard from you, I just heard from you,” Ririn said. InsertLive.

Today, exactly 10 July is known as the day of Ririn’s wedding anniversary Aldi. However, both Ririn and Aldi did not appear to share celebrations related to their wedding anniversary on Instagram.

Ririn only shared Insta Stories with her two children who sang in the car. In addition, he also uploaded a photo holding his beloved cat. Not a few netizens who congratulated Ririn and Aldi through the comments column.

Meanwhile, the husband does not appear to upload anything on his Instagram. However, it actually made a sweet greeting a year ago highlighted by netizens.

On the 9th wedding anniversary celebration, Aldi uploaded a photo of his marriage with Ririn. The photo is accompanied by a caption containing sweet words.

Ririn and Aldi Bragi’s wedding photo / Photo: Instagram @ aldi4bragi

Nine years … it still feels the same taste and love for you … even though at that time it was still lacking to be able to learn to be even better in traveling with you … a series of words and dreams will not be comparable to the real life that is decorated many shortcomings me, as if to prove how much your sacrifice for me … “

“When far because of me, this heart will not be able to feel … When close because of you, only one touch of you makes the soul vibrate … From the heart that always needs you … Happy Anniversary … I love you. “

Many netizens have finally written down their prayers and hopes in this upload. As fans, they don’t want to see their idol partners separate.

Don’t end it …. push your ego to think of your little ones, “tulis account @ amelia_w **.

“Don’t end it … lasting trusss … tomorrow is a 10 year old university,“write your @uthaa_hudr *** account.

“Mba @ririndwiariyanti must remember how to get Mas Aldi first,“write the account @ user240 ***.

We pray for the best for Ririn and Aldi, Mother.

Mother, also refer to Ahok’s love letter to Veronica Tan before the divorce, in the following video:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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