Business Divorce made a billion. She got rid of...

Divorce made a billion. She got rid of the expensive name and the pension spread


After her divorce from Jeff Bezos, she also got rid of his name. New in my documents is MacKenzieScott, which is the name she chose after her grandfather. While a billion consecutive bridges and brothers do not remember the past with the founder of Amazon, his pension is still a joy.

One of them is now an avid activist who has distributed a number of non-profit organizations and most of the contributors to the first blacks.

Vemonm Charity has donated more than $ 1.67 billion. Billions worth billions have been given to associations fighting for racial equality, such as the United Negro College Fund or the Black Girls Code.

Pensions are also sent to combat climate change and LGBTQ + organizations that have sexual and gender issues in society.

I have provided a team of non-profit advisors, including representatives of historically marginalized groups of races, genders and sexual identities, to help me find and assess organizations that have a major impact in various areas. pe MacKenzie Scottov with how dark she would help change the world.

Although Scott’s generosity is commendable, her full distribution of the pension she earned by divorce is not yet fully available. The problem is that the author of the romn series gets richer faster, rather than giving away.

It has spent $ 22 billion in about half a year. The non-profit has been given about two billion.

Last year, I made a commitment to drill out most of my wealth to the company that helped create it, to do so, to wash early, and to keep my bundle until the safe is empty, said the philanthropist, who is still not threatened by an empty safe.

Like MacKenzie, his former husband proves his brother and supports charity. Only from the Bezos Day One Fund alone, more than $ 100 million has gone to various nonprofits in the last two years.

In Norway, Bezos said he would create a new fund to help finance the fight against climate change. The fund’s budget should be $ 10 billion.

The question is whether the richest hunter in the world just doesn’t buy the same conscience. Amazon decided to take part in the so-called star lift against Elon Musk. In the future, he wants to get thousands of satellites on the market.

The planet will surely be his vdn!


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