Dividing 500 is over! ‘PPC-CAT’ uses the tactic of ‘The Council is down’ to stop the problem formula, aiming to revive the 100 formula.

Dividing 500 is over! ‘PPC-CAT’ uses the tactic of ‘The Council is down’ to stop the problem formula, aiming to revive the 100 formula.

On August 10, a meeting of the National Assembly considered the organic law bill (Act on the election of members of the House of Representatives). (No.…) B.E.… in Section 24/1 on the method of calculating the list of MPs divided by 500 as amended by the Commission (KTC) to be in line with the resolutions of the National Assembly. Changed the calculation method from dividing 100 to dividing 500.

Reporters reported that After the discussion of Section 24/1 is completed Mr. Pornpetch Wichitcholchai Vice-President of the National Assembly who presides over the meeting Pressed the bell to summon members of Parliament to present themselves. It took 15 minutes to wait for members to enter the meeting room. As a result of the presence of 367 members, more than half of the votes narrowly exceeded 3 votes, which constitutes a quorum. But Mr. Chulaphan Amornwiwat, a member of the Chiang Mai MPs, the PA Party asked to exercise the right to object. Afraid that the card will be inserted instead. Ask to use the method of identification by calling each person’s name. have full certification

Mr. Pornpetch had to have his presence by calling each person’s name. It took 1.30 hours after the members of the National Assembly had completely called in their names. It turned out that there were many MPs and senators who were unable to call their names in the process. call by name individually Come to ask for more names to show up after a lot. cause confusion need to add more names In total, it took me 2 hours to call the name and count the results. The result of counting the quorum was that there were 403 presents. It was considered a quorum. Mr. Pornpetch then asked the MPs to insert their ballots whether they would agree with Section 24/1 or not.

However, during the time of plugging in the ballots to agree with Article 24/1 or not, another 20 minutes would be wasted because there were few members left in the meeting room. By Mr. Pornpetch tried to get members to come back to insert ballots as much as possible until Mr. Pichet Chuamuangphan, a Chiang Rai MP, protested that Mr. Pornphet was asked to quickly reveal the results of the 24/1 voting in Finally, Mr. Pornpetch informed the voting results to the meeting that The quorum was insufficient to adjourn the meeting. Make the consideration of the customer’s draft law at the meeting And it is likely that the consideration will not be completed within the 180-day deadline on August 15, as there is no additional date for the parliamentary meeting at this time.

side Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn Spokesman of the Commission (CDC) Extraordinary Consideration of the Organic Act (Act) on the Election of Members of the House of Representatives (No.…) B.E.…. said after the joint session of the National Assembly that the incomplete quorum was a pity. The collapse of the House of Representatives cannot be blamed on the opposition alone. The government also had to help maintain a quorum. It is considered a problem for all parties and cannot be blamed on either party. As for which party it is, you need to check the list first. Initially, it was found that MPs from the Pheu Thai Party (PAD), Pheu Chart Party (DPC), Palang Pracharath Party (PPC), and the Thai Economic Party (DOT).

“Personally, I’m still interested in this matter. because of the intentional collapse of the meeting Is not performing his duties as a member of the House of Representatives, insisting that another week is required to collect information. Will continue to submit to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of course. However, senators and senators who are still interested in submitting to the Constitutional Court can do so by signing their names in one of the 10 of the two houses of parliament to submit to the Constitutional Court after the Election Commission (EC) submitted its opinion within 10 days. If the Election Commission does not respond, it is deemed to agree, and then there will be another 5 days for the Prime Minister to pause the matter. will be presented to the King in the next step,” said Mr. Somchai.

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