Dividend of Philip Morris R in 2021 and beyond

7.4.2021 14:48, BAATABAK

Detailed information on dividend tables of Philip Morris R.

Dividends Philip Morris R hot 2021

The Board of Directors of Philip Morris has proposed the payment of a dividend of approximately 1260 K per share.

In case you want to receive it, you need to buy Philip Morris R shares no later than the day that pedchz the so-called ex-date, the first trading day on which the shares are traded without dividend entitlement. You can find a more detailed explanation of the thermal connection with the payment of dividends intetm dlu naeho serilu Dividendov expres.

The ex-date falls on April 7 for the Prague Stock Exchange and on April 9 for RM-SYSTM, the Czech Stock Exchange.

Philip Morris R will pay a dividend to the shareholders of natural persons by non-cash transfer to the share listed in the list of shares of the company and through the branches of st esk spoitelny.

The term proposed by the Board of Directors will run from June 21, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Details can be found in the draft decision of the General Meeting (pdf), which will take place in the form of an out – of – session meeting from 15 April to 21 May.

Dividendov historie

Shares of Philip Morris (BAATABAK) are synonymous with dividends for many Czech investors, as Philip Morris has a clear history of dividend payments for stocks traded on the stock exchange. The dividend has not been paid since 1997.

Historie dividend Philip Morris

Historie dividend Philip Morris R vetn projekc analytik

Dividend Philip Morris R in 2021 and beyond

Philip Morris R has no dividend policy. Analysts contacted by Bloomberg regularly suggest that in 2022 the company will pay a dividend of 1345 K per share and in 2023 then a dividend of 1630 K per share.

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He gave information about dividends

You can find more information about dividends of Czech companies here overview, general information on all dividends Dividendov expres.

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