“Dissociated from Balotelli”. He goes out of his mind and throws the microphone. The others intervene

Gf Vip, furious quarrel in the House. Guenda against Enock: “Dissociated from Balotelli“. He goes out of his mind and throws the microphone. The others intervene. Eventful dinner in the Cinecittà apartment. A few minutes ago, a violent quarrel broke out between some competitors of Big Brother Vip. Reason for the dispute, Mario Balotelli’s sexist joke against Dayane Mello, during the episode on Friday. But let’s go in order.

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Today, Tommaso Zorzi has proposed a new pastime to the roommates. In turn, one of them was supposed to be the butler to another competitor. Enock, however, would not have liked the game and thus would have reasoned his dissent: “My mom was a domestic worker, even Andrea Zelletta’s mom, they could feel touched“. The game is then interrupted, but Tommaso Zorzi reminds the others that that game was proposed by Big Brother in the past editions.

It’s time for dinner. The roommates gather at the table and Guenda confronts Enock: “As he asked to protect the sensitivity of domestic workers, you should have protected the sensitivity of women by dissociating yourself from the joke of your brother Mario Balotelli“. At that point, Enock has an unexpected reaction. He goes out of his mind, gets up from the table, throws the microphone and begins to rant against Guenda: “Who the fuck are you? Vaff ***“. The other tenants are forced to intervene to calm him down. Pouring fuel on the fire, Patrizia De Blanck covering the daughter of Maria Teresa Ruta with insults: “But vaff ***, this was not the time to say this at the table. What the fuck does he have to do with his brother“. In these minutes, Enock and Guenda are trying to clarify. Friendship over? We’ll see.

Last update: Sunday 25 October 2020, 22:23



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