Dissatisfaction with VVD members over the asylum agreement and the course of the party


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After months of negotiations, the coalition is likely to catch up with a agreement on the new asylum lawbut even before that happens, some of the VVD advocates seem unwilling to let this deal pass like that.

The motions in the hands of NOS and Nieuwsuur show that the members of the VVD speak out against the course of the VVD and against the asylum law in particular.

The new law makes it easier to oblige municipalities to take in asylum seekers. According to sources, the four coalition parties will consider the latest version of the law this weekend. If the four sides of the coalition agree, the final deal will follow Monday morning, sources confirmed to NOS on Friday.

“Thorbecke’s house is on fire”

One of the motions comes from a group of VVD members united under the name of Klassiek Liberaal. The group wants the party to speak explicitly in congress against the “residential coercion law,” as they call the law.

Klassiek Liberaal’s motion states that “our society beeps and crackles under the influx of asylum.” The “classical liberals” define the situation as unsustainable and point out to the party that it is at the expense of support.

The group of members of the VVD is also concerned about the diminishing influence of local authorities: “With this mandatory law, the decentralized authorities become a body for the implementation of a failed national policy. The house of Thorbecke is on fire!”

The members of North Holland present another motion that speaks against the course of the VVD. They believe that the party “sometimes tackles issues of the right, but does not put them into practice sufficiently”.

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