Display obscene cartoon Erdogan, Turkey sues Charlie Hebdo


ANKARA – French satire magazine action, Charlie Hebdo, which features a cartoon or caricature of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan behaving lewdly on a long tail front page. The Turkish president’s lawyers filed a criminal complaint against the magazine.

Citing the news agency AnatoliaThursday (29/10/2020), in addition to the criminal suit filed by the president’s lawyer, the chief public prosecutor in Ankara also launched an investigation into the executive Charlie Hebdo. (Read: After the Prophet Muhammad, Charlie Hebdo displays obscene Erdogan cartoons)

The investigation and suit are legal under Turkish law and jurisdiction because of the insult to the president.

Erdogan himself admitted that he had not seen the magazine cover that insulted him even though he had been told.

“I do not have to say anything to the bastards who insulted my beloved Prophet on such a scale,” Erdogan said. (Read: Erdogan’s lewd Charlie Hebdo cover cartoon, Turkey’s reaction)

“My sadness and anger is not because of the disgusting attacks on me, but because the same media is a source of indifference towards our beloved Prophet whom we love so much,” he told members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The magazine cover featured a caricature of Erdogan in a white T-shirt and underwear, sitting in a chair holding a can of beer and lifting a woman’s hijab dress to reveal her naked back.

“Ooh, prophet!” said the speech balloon in the caricature. The caption reads “Erdogan; personally, he’s very funny.”



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