Disney + will soon invade the Czech Republic. Brings Marvel, Star Wars and movie classics

The Czechia will soon see a streaming station that has become a hit in the world. Disney + recently boasted a target of 137.7 million subscribers, exceeding expectations for the first quarter. At the same time, it collected a respectable number in just two and a half years of existence, during which, moreover, it ran only in a limited number of countries.

On June 14, the Czechia will be included among these countries. Just in time, as he will start Disney + at the end of May eagerly awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi series from the world of Star Wars. The subscription will cost 199 crowns per month, until June 26 you can buy the service in a special offer for a year for 1590 crowns.

Disney + is a magnet because it promises both a broad portfolio and quality. It is aimed at families, which was indicated by the introductory spot with dubbed examples of important titles such as Mandalorian, The Simpsons or Marvel movies, but also the aforementioned Obi-Wan or the series Ms. Marvel.

The trump card is, of course, a supply of animated films for children such as Encanto, Ice Kingdom or The Lion King.

But in addition to the brands mentioned, Disney + also has a base of Fox studios and series, which Disney bought in 2019. It also offers the Hulu program, including the enticing Pam & Tommy series about the life of actress Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee. .

Which brings together a lot of attractions and promises further growth for subscribers. In the spring, Disney + expands to 47 other countries in addition to the Czech Republic. At the same time, it has already managed to collect a pile of subscribers and is rocketing the lead of Netflix’s leader, who has 222 million of them.

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But while the streaming king is experiencing an embarrassing period and for the last time had to report The loss of 200,000 users in the first quarter, Disney + breathes optimism, up 33 percent a year (101.6 million in April 2021 versus 137.7 million subscribers now). And it exceeds expectations.

Last quarterly increase they estimated analysts to 5.2 million, in the end it was 7.9 million. “The quarterly results have once again shown that we are playing our own league,” said Bob Chapek, Disney’s chief executive. In two years, they want to climb the service to a quarter of a billion total subscribers.

It will bring down Netflix and repel the onslaught of other competitors such as the ever-improving Apple TV +, HBO Max with blockbusters from Warner Bros. or the unobtrusive but content-packed Amazon Prime Videos? It’s quite possible – Netflix fortune tellers for the next quarter a decrease in subscribers even by two million.

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