Disney + supports 4k and hdr on PlayStation 5 in the new native app – Games – News

Disney has a world native Disney + app released for PlayStation 5. The main addition that comes with it is support for 4k and wide dynamic range.

Disney reports that PlayStation 5 users can download a Disney + app made specifically for the console. The only change this will bring to the user experience is that viewers can now watch 4K and HDR supported content on PS5 for the first time.

Previously, players on PlayStation 5 had to use the Disney + app, which is intended for PlayStation 4 consoles. This application limits content to 1080p resolution and also does not support high dynamic range. Watching a movie or series in 4k and with HDR10 was therefore not an option.

The PS5 was released in November 2020; it took nearly two years for an app to be released specifically for the console in question. Disney + was already available in 4k on Xbox One S and X and later Xbox Series consoles.

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