Disney responds to strong criticism ‘Mulan’ and proceeds


For the past few days came Disney’s Mulan for several reasons to come under fire again. One of those reasons is that the film was partly shot in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, where the human rights of the local Uyghurs are seriously violated. Disney thanks in the credits, among others, Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security, a party that is linked to cultural genocide.

Now Disney has responded to the fuss through Disney CFO Christine McCarthy, at the Bank of America Virtual 2020 Media, Communications, & Entertainment Conference:

[i]”Let me put it in context a bit. The real facts are that Mulan was mainly – almost entirely – recorded in New Zealand. In an effort to accurately represent some of the country’s unique landscape and geography for China. In this period drama, we filmed landscapes in 20 different locations in China. It is well known that you need permission to film in China. That permission comes from the central government. “[i]

The CFO adds that it is customary to thank the local authorities. “So the credits mentioned both China and locations in New Zealand. I’ll leave it at that, but it has caused us a lot of trouble.”

Happy with box office and Disney + results
Of course this is a piece of cake, but Disney says it is happy with the first results. “We are very happy with what we see,” McCarthy said. Reportedly, some $ 33 million was raised through Disney + in its early days and $ 6 million at the box office.

In China, the film got off to a hopeless start, with a turnover of $ 8 million. Mulan seems to get no further than about $ 50 million in China.


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