Disney + premieres in March 2022: all the series and movies

March be one of the best months of Disney+ throughout its history. The streaming platform is loaded with news and releases, showing us all its cinematographic artillery, in documentaries or in high-quality series. The third month of 2022 comes on the portal under the banner of highly anticipated tapes like West Side Story de Steven Spielberg, The Alley of Lost Souls by Guillermo del Toro or Red, the new animated film from Pixar. And yes, Marvel fans are in luck with the premiere of the new series with Oscar Isaac, moon knightone of the most anticipated releases of this start of the year.

All the movies, series and documentaries that premiere in March 2022 on Disney +

March 2

  • Bobs Burgers T12
  • Outrun by Running Man T1
  • Mrs America
  • West Side Story
  • Gathering Storm T1

March 4

  • the big bet
  • two men and one destiny
  • Full Monty
  • Spin

March 9

  • hanging in philadelphia
  • Fosse / Verdon
  • The other look T1-T2
  • The Great North T2
  • Africas Hunters T2-T3
  • Growing up in Africa S1
  • Africa’s Most Dangerous S4

March 11th

  • Embrace your inner panda – That’s how Red was made
  • Red
  • Cleopatra
  • Hello Dolly
  • The lucky star club

March 16

  • Snowfall T4
  • Hit T2
  • The Alley of Lost Souls
  • Mayday – Catstrofes areas T9

March 18th

  • climate change
  • twelve at home
  • the reborn
  • A couple of three
  • The French Connection.
  • Against the drug empire
  • French Connection II
  • Poseidon’s Adventure
  • More than robots

23 of March

  • unknown parallels
  • It was not my fault
  • This is us T1-T5
  • S6 – One premiere episode each week
  • The incident
  • Tammy Faye’s Eyes
  • City of Angels. City of Death
  • DMC: All of T1 magic
  • Atlas of Cursed Places S1

March 25th

  • Surviving the Mount St. Helens Disaster
  • Challenger – Recordings of the tragedy
  • Olivia Rodrigo – Driving home for u
  • Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck Wild
  • Fire cars
  • M.A.S.H.
  • Lost

March 30th

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