Disney is getting ready to launch new streaming service


Streaming proved to be Disney’s remedy during this corona crisis. For the future, the focus of the company will shift to streaming, foreman Bob Chapek recently announced. And although Disney Plus has only been around for a year, Disney announced a second streaming service in the summer. The launch of that service, which will be called Star, appears to be imminent.New evidence has surfaced that the arrival of Disney Plus Star may not be very long in coming. Disney has recently verified social media-accounts created. This new streaming service should appear next year.

However, Disney already has all the technology in house, so setting up a new site shouldn’t take very long. Who knows, Star will appear in the first months of 2021.

Over Star
Star will be a streaming service aimed at the international market and will contain content for an adult audience. This will make Star clearly different from the child-friendly Disney Plus. By the way, Star is an internationally successful brand that is already owned by the entertainment company.

With the arrival of Star, it is still the question whether Hulu will still be rolled out in Europe. Disney previously announced the arrival of Hulu, but this service seems to have become obsolete with Star.

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