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The US administration has a very good working relationship with Yoav Galant and is concerned about his fate

Following the announcement of the judicial reform freeze announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday evening, US officials told their Israeli counterparts of their concern over the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Galant, the public broadcaster reports. Able to. The Israeli sources specified that the US administration has a very good working relationship with Yoav Galant.

Ariel Hermoni/Ministry of DefenseYoav Galant and Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin

A senior US Department of Defense official told Able to that “the relationship between Israel and the United States consists of shared values ​​of democracy, freedom and the rule of law, and these values ​​remain essential”. “The United States wants to focus on the military partnership between Washington and Jerusalem and how best to protect Israel, the United States and the Middle East. That is why we call on Israeli leaders to find a compromise as soon as American support for Israel’s security and democracy remains strong,” he added.

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Yonatan Sindel/Flash90Yoav Galant meets Benjamin Netanyahu in Knesset

After announcing the dismissal of Yoav Galant on Sunday evening and sparking an outpouring of protests, Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday asked the latter to resign from the Knesset in order to resume his post as minister. But while no longer being an MP would not allow him to vote against the laws proposed by the government, which he considers a kind of humiliation, Yoav Galant flatly refused the offer and the talks between the two parties are currently at a standstill.

Since the dismissal of Yoav Galant on Sunday evening for calling for the suspension of judicial reform, many Likud and coalition officials have been trying to keep him in his post.

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