Dismissal for a movie about vibrators? Minister Gliński dismissed the head of the National Film Archive

In the text entitled “Resignation for vibrators. We know why Gliński dismissed the head of the National Film Archive” Wojciech Czuchnowski writes about the Herstorie Festival for Women’s Day, which was “temporarily suspended”. It was during this event that Dariusz Wieromiejczyk, the former head of the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute, wanted to present the films: a documentary about the production of vibrators and a picture about violence against women. Wieromiejczyk was dismissed, and Minister Gliński appointed Filmoteka a new boss.

Herstories for Women’s Day were to be held on March 4-8. On Wednesday, March 3, as reported by “GW”, Wieromiejczyk received a phone call from Jarosław Sellin, Deputy Minister of Culture, with an order to “shoot” the festival. It was also announced that the dismissal was a decision of Minister Gliński, and when Wieromiejczyk asked which films were the reason, “Vibrant Village” by Weronika Jurkiewicz and “You don’t have distance” by Karina Paciorkowska were indicated. These productions were shown and awarded in Poland and around the world.

Director Wieromiejczyk asked to see the films, and after watching them, he decided that there were no reasons to withdraw them or cancel the festival. He insisted on talking to Minister Gliński. This took place on Thursday at 11 am – it was supposed to be very short, and Wieromiejczyk ended it with his resignation. He was the director of FINA from July 2017.

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