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dismal! An 82-year-old father, 7 children without care, was left lying in a pile of feces, starved for 3 days, son raped his daughter with HIV, both died

Buriram – Life is more real than the drama. An old man, 82, a native of Krasang district, Buriram province, was unable to help himself, was left drowning in urination and starvation for 3 days, despite having 7 children, some went to have families, disappeared, disabled, and patrolled. work for hire leaving father alone at home Depressed, the second son raped his daughter when he was 9 years old until he was infected with HIV, both died, cut off, didn’t want to live.

Today (August 10), a reporter was informed by a villager in Thung Song Subdistrict, Krasang District, Buriram Province that an 82-year-old grandfather lived a pitiful life because he was unable to help himself. The latest was left to starve and starve. and sleep urinating own stool for up to 3 days until it becomes a pressure ulcer Because the fifth son who lives with the current father out of the total of 7 children is not home. I don’t know where it’s gone, until the villagers and the village health volunteers have to help take Grandpa to the hospital and buy food to eat.

Recently, the reporters went to check as they were told to find Khun Tanop (reserving his last name), 82 years old, sitting on a mattress in a house that resembled a dilapidated hut. and a foul smell of feces and urine By his condition, the grandfather was unable to support himself due to weakness in his limbs. If you have to go to the bathroom, you need someone to help you. If no one is watching, they have to excrete in the bed because they can’t walk around on their own.

Asked Khun Tanop to tell him that His wife died many years ago. They had 7 children together, the eldest was a woman who disappeared. not contacted back The second one was a man who had died. The third was a woman who had a family and never returned. The fourth person is a man who already has a family. but must continue to patrol the hired The fifth person was a man with a physical disability. Currently, this person lives with his father, but rarely stays at home. The sixth person is a woman with abnormal brains. Currently living in Surin Province, she has not come to look at it. the seventh is a woman Died when he was 9 years old when his second brother was raped and both died of HIV.

Grandfather said with despondency that Having children is like having no children. When I was old, I couldn’t help myself. But there are no children to take care of. Allowed to lie down in urine and feces and starve for up to 3 days. If the neighbors don’t come to see, they don’t know what will happen. Feeling discouraged to the point of not wanting to live Now I don’t want anything, I just want my grandchildren to take care of me But if there are people to help, I want to get consumer items because I can’t eat anymore.

Ask Mrs. Kim Man Sangchat, 64 years old, a villager in the village. tell me that Your life is very pathetic. Because he had 7 children, but at the end of his life that Grandfather couldn’t help himself, there was no one to take care of him. Because some children go to have families who do not contact at all. As for the son who lives with him, he rarely stays at home and enjoys drinking. Recently, I let my eyes lie down, urinate, defecate and starve for 3 days until my eyes have pressure sores. Volunteers and villagers had to bring them to the hospital to find food and water for them to eat.

What’s even more depressing is when the youngest daughter, aged 9, was raped by her second brother who contracted HIV to death. As for the brother who caused the attack fled and someone later sent news that he had died. I think it’s likely to be infected with HIV as well.

In the past, he was close to always looking to help with food. But it can only help by strength. I want the agency to bring consumer goods to help the eyes. and would like to make a handicapped card for the eyes as well

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