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Disgusting find at Rewe: customer posts picture – many only see what is on it late

A user took this picture in a Rewe filile. Would you have seen the animal detail right away?

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A customer made an unusual discovery in a Rewe branch. When she posted a photo of it on Facebook, it caused confusion among users.

  • A customer made in one Rewe branch a find that should be annoying to some.
  • She posted a photo of it on Facebook.
  • But the image caused confusion among users.

Ludwigsburg – In fruit and vegetable crates, customers in supermarkets keep discovering bizarre things – for example, in Bavaria in 2017 there were several Rewe branches found hundreds of kilograms of cocaine (Merkur.de *). A customer has now made a rather unusual – and probably disgusting for many people – find in a Rewe branch. She immediately took a photo of it and posted it on the wall of the official Rewe Facebook account. But other users did not even notice what the customer was referring to in the photo. But see for yourself:

Rewe customer posts picture of “protein supplement” – users do not recognize what she means

“I need another coffee … I’ve read the sign at least 10 times and was wondering what you’re trying to get out of here. Now I’ve finally got it, ”wrote a user amused.

Some suspected that the user misplaced vegetables complained. Because most people first notice in the picture that there are loads of beetroot packs in the compartment labeled with “organic parsnips”. Another customer wrote: “How long did it take me to get it … I first considered whether it was the beetroot that was wrongly signposted!” Another user came up with something completely different: ” I also looked three times. The first reflex was “Oh my god … Bio in plastic“!”.

Customer photographs grasshopper in Rewe branch – users initially see something completely different

Did you see at first glance what the customer alludes? She finally solved the riddle – apparently in retrospect, after some commentators had already expressed incomprehension – in the post itself: “P.S .: It’s actually about the Protein addition on the sign. I never saw that the sign says parsnip and there are beetroot in the back. You can see the subjective perception again, ”she wrote with a wink.

According to the hashtags, the customer found this unusual Supermarket visitors in a Rewe branch in the Wilhelm Gallery in Ludwigsburg. First of all Rewe did not respond to the posting – how the grasshopper smuggled between the vegetables in the middle of winter, but it seems clear: she probably traveled with fruit or vegetables from the south.

Video: recall at Rewe – organic premium milk chocolate recalled

A Rewe product recently made headlines: A popular chocolate has been recalled, Now a customer has one dangerous find made in a Rewe food. The supermarket responded immediately.

Because the packaging shows the wrong date of use recalled a wild salmon product, A recall is also made on two fruit bars, because in one ingredient found a carcinogenic substance has been.

On Man made a bizarre find in a detergent at Rewe, He expresses suspicion and shows a humorous reaction on Facebook.

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