Disguised as Shrek, he walks the streets of Mexico to pay for his wife’s cancer treatment

The man was a welder but quit his job to take care of the woman.

In the film ShrekWhen the grumpy ogre meets Princess Fiona and falls in love, he does everything to be with her. In the sequels of the film they get married, have children and live happily ever after. Emulating this great story of doing everything for your true love, a while ago a man from Tijuana, Mexico, decided to characterize himself as this character animated to be able raise money and pay for his wife’s cancer treatment. The gesture transcended borders, went viral and won everyone’s hearts.

Hugo Garcia counted to TN Show that 10 years ago her partner, Martha Beatriz Vázquez Ballesteros, was diagnosed with breast cancer: “I was a welder and had to quit my job to take care of her because once the enemy entered the house, that is to say the disease, it is something very hard, painful and expensive. I got up at 3 in the morning to get medical appointments and at one point I found myself bankrupt because I had already sold my car and my tools to pay for the treatment.

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Hugo has a 12-year-old daughter. (Photo: Courtesy: Hugo García)

In this sense, he recalled that one night, overcome by economic problems and the complex situation of women’s health, he asked God for a sign: “I told him to enlighten me and mark the way to get ahead and in a dream he appeared to me Shrek. Never in my life has something like this happened to me. So I shaved my hair, pulled out my beard and mustache, and became more loving and understandable ”.

Of course, not everything was easy at first. Although thanks to some donated clothes he was able to achieve the look of the famous ogre, the issue of skin color was a challenge: “I started to paint myself with industrial paint which damaged me a lot face. It was something very sad, “he said. However, later he got one that does not hurt him and allows him to go out every day to walk the streets of Tijuana, entertaining young and old in exchange for money or donations.

Hugo with his daughter Jacqueline. (Photo: Courtesy Hugo García)

Baptized as “El Shrek de Tijuana”, people became familiar with him and began to help him: “Once they knew what my goal was, they supported me. Now they invite me to encourage parties, schools to speak out against bullying, weddings, divorces and even funerals”.

But, as he began to become popular, his wife’s health became complicated and in one of the chemotherapy sessions he accompanied her to, something happened that materialized in a great act of solidarity.

The character allows him to get money and help his wife. (Photo: Courtesy: Hugo García)

“I entered a room where there were 50 women waiting to be treated and whose husbands had abandoned them when they learned they had cancer. He was the only man there and they all appreciated my presence. There I began to feel more closely the pain of others, sadness and needs. That is why I began to bring blankets and food for them and for some relatives who were waiting for them outside the hospital, under the rain and cold. I always did everything with the help of the people, no local authority ever offered me anything, “he said.

In addition to helping at home, Hugo also performs solidarity tasks. (Photo: Courtesy Hugo García)

The aid was not only for cancer patients and their families, but it also extended to orphanages and residences for the elderly: “I carry boxes of food and although sometimes I am missing at home, God gives me strength to help others with what little I can ”.

Beyond feeling grateful for contributing his grain of sand, bringing food to his house and being able to collaborate with others, some time ago he suffered a severe blow: “My wife had her breast removed and the cancer began to grow and spread. He was in a lot of pain and at one point he told me ‘don’t fight anymore, leave me, I’m a burden and I don’t want to live’. That broke my soul because It is the person I love who is fighting for his life”.

In recent months, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the situation It worsened since the woman does not receive adequate medical attention: “After years of battling the disease, they stopped attending and suspended all the check-ups, which are very expensive in themselves. His hair began to fall out again, he lost 65% of his eyesight, his teeth, and he lost weight again. I am hopeful that she will be seen as soon as possible because cancer comes back very strong, spreads and is more difficult to eradicate. He is going through a stage that is very difficult ”.

Like in the film, Hugo yearns to get over this bad moment and be happy with his 12-year-old daughter Jacqueline and his wife: “She is like my princess Fiona, my purest love. This is part of my character’s story; behind the smile there is pain and great sadness within me. Faith is what makes me go out to the streets every day and bring food and buy medicine for my wife”.

Hugo had a dream that made him characterize himself as the animated character. (Photo: Hugo García- File)


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