Disembarkation in Buenos Aires of the Peronist governors to carve in the electoral assembly | “There isn’t much time left,” Jalil said.

This Tuesday a group of governors will arrive in the City of Buenos Aires to participate first in the Kirchner Cultural Center in a meeting that will be attended by President Alberto Fernández; Economy Minister Sergio Massa and Interior Minister Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro. And then, on Wednesday, they will be at the Federal Investment Council (CFI). Provincial leaders must take a clear definition this week about their position in the face of electoral assembly for the upcoming elections. The debate, at this time, continues to be about whether or not to advance in some internal ones, but everything is uncertain because it is not known who will be the candidate who gets the blessing of the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. There are only 18 days left for the closing of lists and The non-definition has all Peronism in suspense: starting with the most important leaders until reaching the last grassroots militant.

“We are not working on any document. No one spoke to another to support any candidacy,” one of the League governors categorically answers this newspaper, who wants to keep the private dialogues that the provincial leaders are having with each other in secrecy before Wednesday’s meeting.

Some are more inclined to request a unit candidacy and others to have a STEP but everyone talks about the need to give federalism to the formula or formulas, Because the armed forces, otherwise, end up being very limited to the province of Buenos Aires. In addition, they want to suggest that, in the event that the definition is finally to go to an intern, that their legislators can be hooked on all the ballots. The option to go for a STEPDespite the fact that Ambassador Daniel Scioli and the Chief of Staff, Agustín Rossi –both with the support of the President– do not stop insisting on this, it seems to be in nowhere because there is no political table that is working on how they would be done.

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“It’s a possibility,” replied the catamarqueño Raul Jalil when asked Yesterday he was among those who ask for a single candidate. “But the important thing – he added – is that we are going to have this meeting, we are working to be all the governors of the Frente de Todos and a strategy is going to be discussed, because there are not many days left.”

The first stop of the governors on Buenos Aires soil will be this Tuesday at the CCK. There they will participate in an activity organized by the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, called “What Argentina do we want to be?” It will be a seminar that proposes -according to what was said by the minister- “an instance of debate about the great future challenges that Argentina faces in the face of the strategic growth opportunities that arise in the current geopolitical context.” It will start in the morning, at ten, and there will be different panels throughout the day until night. Beyond that there will not be a photo in which Fernández, Massa, De Pedro and the governors are seen together. They will all be part of different panels.

At 6:00 p.m. the “Federal panel with governors and governors” will begin, in which Alicia Kirchner from Santa Cruz, Axel Kicillof from Buenos Aires, Ricardo Quintela from La Rioja, Gerardo Zamora from Santiago del Estero, Raúl Jalil from Catamarca, Gustavo Saenz will speak from Salta and Sergio Ziliotto from la Pampa. Next to them will be the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, one of those who sounds like a possible candidate for President of Kirchnerism and who during these days has been collecting support for his possible launch. The following day, other governors such as Gildo Insfrán from Formosa, Gustavo Melella from Tierra del Fuego and Jorge Capitanich from Chaco, among others, will join the CFI meeting. The latter does not finish confirming if his presence will be virtual or presencel because he is close to the elections in his province. There the PASO will be voted on June 18.

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Another important stop for the governors will be the 11 of this month, when they finally vote in Tucumán. Elections had been suspended in that province by the Supreme Court, as in San Juan. The presence of Uñac is not confirmed either. The governor of San Juan announced this Monday that, given the refusal of the Justice for him to be a candidate, his replacement in the formula to be governor will be his brother, the national senator Rubén Uñac. The local justice had given him a term that culminated this Tuesday to define who would replace him. Uñac finally announced it at the last minute at a press conference.

While the governors evaluate what to do in the midst of uncertainty, those who sound like they are presidential continue on their way. Wado de Pedro walks without stopping with the aim of improving their levels of knowledge in the little more than 15 days that remain for the closing of lists. The minister would also be in charge of working in what Cristina Fernández de Kirchner remarked as “central” for these elections –whatever the Peronist candidate is–: building a program. This Monday, the Buenos Aires Minister of Labor, Walter Correawho was at the meeting that De Pedro had with the unionists of the Federal Workers’ Current, said that after that dinner “We agreed to bring you our program of 27 points from our currentto give a dogmatic outline to his proposal”. “In these years ‘Wado’ not only had a federal conception, but it has drawn federalism from the facts”, added the Buenos Aires minister.

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The main question revolves around what will happen if De Pedro fails to improve his level of knowledge these days. Several consider that in this case the best option would be for the candidate to be Axel Kicillof. The minister resists because he wants to be re-elected in the Province of Buenos Aires. This Monday the mayor of Ituzaingó, Alberto Descalzo, made statements along these lines. He considered that Kicillof “is the candidate who best measures and with the greatest chance of winning the elections in the province, and has the support of the mayors.” At the same time, he detached him from a possible national candidacy: “At the national level, on the one hand is (Daniel) Scioli and, on the other, (Sergio) Massa and ‘Wado’ (De Pedro) “as possible pre-candidates for president,” he remarked.

Massa, meanwhile, is still in the race. Back in Argentina after the tour of China -which he shared with the vice president’s son, Deputy Máximo Kirchner- he is awaiting a meeting with CFK in the coming days and the party congress of the Renewal Front, which is dated June 10. There may be news there.

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