Discuss Transparency, Kamala Harris Touches Trump’s Tax Report


Candidates for vice president (cawapres) of the United States (US), Kamala Harris, alluding to the President’s tax report Donald Trump when discussing the issue of transparency in the cawapres debate. Harris discusses the debt reported by Trump.

As reported CNN, Thursday (8/10/2020), the discussion about Trump’s tax took place during the vice presidential debate on the health of the US presidential candidates, especially Trump, who is now positive for Coronavirus.

Moderator Susan Page from USA Today asked a question that read: “Do voters have the right to get a clearer picture of the health of the candidates?”

“If you want to talk about transparency, let’s talk about Trump’s tax returns,” Harris replied.

Harris discusses the leading New York Times (NYT) media report on Trump’s tax returns and focuses on the US $ 400 million debt Trump believes he has against an unknown business partner or creditor.

“To keep everyone clear, if we talk about debt, that means you owe someone. It would be very good to know to whom, the President of the United States, the commander-in-chief, owes money,” Harris said.

“Because the American people have a right to know what influenced the President’s decision. And whether he took that decision in the best interests of the American people, all of you, or personal interests,” he added speaking directly to the US people.

Harris then discussed the presidential candidate Joe Biden, who he said was open about his financial statements. “Joe is very transparent, over the years. One thing we are all about Joe, he shows everything. He is honest, he is straightforward. But Donald Trump covered everything,” he said.

The vice presidential debate that was held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday (7/10) evening local time ran more calmly than the presidential debate on 29 September which was considered chaotic and chaotic. The two cawapres answered every complicated question posed and focused on discussing previously planned discussion points.

Watch also when Trump admits he doesn’t want to pay taxes in the US Prime Candidate Debate:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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