Discovery of a herbal plant that prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol and contributes to weight loss

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Cardamom has been known for its medicinal benefits since ancient times, in addition to being one of the most common spices.

Among its most prominent benefits:

Helps prevent cancer

In a 2012 study, the results of which were published on websites, it was found that cardamom regulates the activity of genes in skin cancer cells, and reduces the activity of genes related to the spread and growth of cancer.

It was also found that there are compounds in cardamom that fight cancer, and these compounds have the ability to kill cancer cells and prevent the growth of new cancer cells.

Promotes digestive health

Cardamom contains a group of fibers and chemicals that are very beneficial for the digestive system, as it works on the following:

Helps treat stomach problems, intestinal cramps and flatulence.

It helps increase the movement of food through the intestines, which helps in preventing constipation and enhancing the excretion process.

Promotes the softening of the stool, and thus the ease of defecation.

Helps lower cholesterol

Cardamom is rich in dietary fiber, which gives it an important feature, as the fiber contributes significantly to lowering levels of harmful cholesterol in the body, and promoting cardiovascular health, which contributes to the prevention of strokes and strokes.

Contributes to weight control

The high content of cardamom in dietary fiber may play a role in promoting weight loss. Every two tablespoons of cardamom contains 3.2 grams of dietary fiber, which contributes to covering approximately:

13% of women’s daily fiber requirement.

8% of men’s fiber needs.

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This means an increase in the feeling of fullness and fullness of the stomach after eating meals that contain cardamom, and facilitating the process of digestion and excretion. It is worth mentioning that cooking cardamom contributes to enhancing the benefit reaped from the dietary fibers it contains.

It contains a lot of iron and manganese

Cardamom is a good source of iron and manganese, which are important for many vital processes in the body, which are as follows:

They help in cellular metabolism.

Iron helps prevent anemia, and provides oxygen to cells.

Manganese contributes to maintaining bone health.

Treats nausea and vomiting

Eating cardamom helps prevent some annoying symptoms, such as: nausea and vomiting, especially those that may occur after surgeries and anesthesia.

It was found that applying a mixture of cardamom, ginger, and some essential oils on the neck for 30 minutes after anesthesia for surgical procedures contributes to relieving side effects and some symptoms such as: nausea and vomiting.

Improves odor and oral health

It was found that one of the benefits of cardamom is its ability to improve bad breath, which is an old and traditional recipe. It is possible to chew a little cardamom after a meal to improve breath odor.

The use of cardamom also helps to prevent bacteria and germs that may cause tooth decay and any other problems in it.

Some chewing gum companies use cardamom in their mouthwash formula because of its beneficial properties for the mouth.

Cardamom has other benefits

There are many other benefits of cardamom, but they need more evidence and studies to confirm them. Among the most important other benefits of cardamom are the following:

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Treats symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Increases loss of appetite.

It treats colds and coughs, bronchitis, and sore mouth and throat.

Treats urinary tract problems.

Lowers blood sugar levels.

Protects the liver from diseases.

Treats insomnia and prevents depression.

Improves blood flow and circulation.

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