Discovering Your Lost or Stolen Phone Using CEIR Portal

How to locate lost or stolen phones through the Government of Telecommunications Department website?

People cannot imagine a life without smartphones. Most of the people use the phone without the patience to put the phone down even when charging. Losing a smartphone is unthinkable for so many phone-connected people. Phones are not just a device used only for calling and sending SMS, today most people save everything from banking services to personal information on their phone.

To protect smartphones, the Department of Telecommunications has launched a new website called Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), Government of India. Just like filing a complaint at a police station, a lost electronic device with an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number can be filed quickly through this website.

Users can use the CEIR website to block a stolen or lost mobile, unblock a lost smartphone if found, and find more details about a second-hand smartphone.

The current status of the smartphone can also be known through the free Android – IAS app called KYM. The app provides details like IMEI number status, mobile manufacturer name, model number and what kind of device it is. For this you need to have the IMEI number (which is available on the bill and the box and can be accessed from the phone by dialing *#06#) and a phone number that can accept the OTP.

How to report a lost phone?

CEIR service is now available in Union Territories and all States. To report a lost or stolen smartphone, details such as mobile number, IEMI number, mobile invoice, SIM cards in the phone are required.

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You also need to file a complaint at the nearest police station. Blocking the phone requires a digital copy of the police complaint along with the details of the smartphone owner. When a smartphone is blocked on CEIR’s website, it will be blocklisted in the central database. It cannot be used later.

How to unlock lost phone when found?

Once you get your stolen or lost mobile back, you can unlock it through CEIR itself. Phone can be unblocked through CEIR’s website by specifying request ID, mobile number and reason for unblocking. Without unlocking the phone, the device cannot be used.

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