Discovering Over 300 Ammunition Items in Sânmartin Commune – Potential Dangers and Prohibited Actions

A person authorized to search with a metal detector discovered, in the Sânmartin commune of Harghita county, over 300 items of ammunition, most of them old cartridges. They were erected by pyrotechnicians.

The discovery was made on Saturday, by an authorized detectorist, in Sânmartin commune, Vârfu Rugat area.

The pyrotechnic specialists called to the scene found that it was a piercing projectile and an explosive 37 millimeter, 96 cartridges of caliber 7.92 millimeters and 245 cartridges of caliber 7.65 millimeters.

The ISU specialists draw the citizens’ attention to the fact that even ammunition elements in an advanced state of corrosion, if they are unexploded, can still be active and, handled improperly, can cause tragedies. They must not be touched, hit or moved, and their sale through ferrous and non-ferrous waste collection centers is prohibited.

2023-09-23 20:51:35
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