Discovering Bratislava: Exploring the Capital of Slovakia with Vél’Europe

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After the Czech Republic and Austria, our Vél’Europe peloton arrives in Slovakia.

For stewardship, we stayed an extra night in Vienna and from there participants had the option of traveling to Bratislava by any mode of transport they chose (bicycle, train, boat).

Slovakia and its capital, Bratislava

These two capitals are 50 km apart. Slovakia gained its independence, as did the Czech Republic, in the 1is January 1993.
This country has 5.450 million inhabitants including 426,000 in Bratislava; its area is twice the size of Brittany.

With three colleagues, we discovered this capital which pleasantly surprised us; it is a city on a human scale crossed by the Danube which seduces with its air of a provincial town, its southern atmosphere and its old town in the style of Prague.

What have we learned from Slovakia?

We have selected three locations:

  • The blue church built at the beginning of the XXe century in the Art Nouveau style.
  • The Primatial Palace. It is in this palace where, after Napoleon’s victory at the Battle of Austerlitz, the Treaty of Pressburg was signed. This palace is, currently, the seat of the town hall of Bratislava.
  • The castle which was originally the seat of the sovereigns, has now become the history museum. And we met “an acquaintance” during our walk…

Text and photos: Jean-Claude, Jean-Yves, Michel and Yvon.

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