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Futura has launched the new Snapchat Space Series: Slide into space! The show answers many of the questions we ask ourselves about the universe. In this second episode, these areStep by Step, Or extravehicular activity in the spotlight.

Notice to enthusiasts SnapchatFutura has announced a new children’s series about space and science.universe : slide into space..Through about 3 minutes of dynamic episodes packed with epic illustrations and face-to-face sequences, you will uncover many mysteries. universe,of the edge of the universe For the formation of our planet.

Every week, Thibaut from Futura answers one of the many questions we can ask. againstDid you have a moon? What is Starship, this rocket A new generation that promises to send men to Mars? How are EVA activities carried out? What is the fate of our universe? What if you could move at the speed of light?

In this second episode: extravehicular activity

In this second episode slide into spaceThibaut sheds light on extravehicular activityAlso called Spacewalk! They are regularly performed on board.ERADuring repair and maintenance missions. It takes practice and of course can last up to 8 hours with the right equipment. Meanwhile, in early spacewalk, Especially during the first EVA in 1965, it took only a few minutes. cause ?The main reason is in space. Pressure It is zero, so it is impossible to go out without proper protection. Without this, the astronaut would risk Ebrism, the boiling of all of his internal fluids.

Nowadays, wetsuits are designed to allow long and even very long outings. However extravehicular activity Training is also required Physicist Especially intense. The astronauts are ready for several years before EVA after being selected by the space agency. To know more about these special departures Weightlessness For space travel in general, you should go directly to the page slide into space !!

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