Discover the “Matador” technique to lose weight

The “Matador” technique proposes to alternate weeks of diet with weeks of free feeding

The desire for slim down It has generated multiple studies and methods to achieve the desired results. The “Matador” technique It is one of the most recent methods, and perhaps it can stimulate weight loss under certain conditions.

What is “Matador”?

According to the Mi Bolsillo portal, the “Matador” technique is a diet that involves alternate two weeks of diet with two weeks of free feeding To lose weight.

Matador stands for Minimization of adaptive thermogenesis and deactivation of the rebound effect of obesity. The study behind the technique, from which it acquires its name, included a population of 51 men, all of them obese.

After 4 weeks where their caloric needs were calculated, the population was divided into two groups: one of them would follow a continuous diet, while the other one “intermittent restricted diet”, Two weeks of diets, followed by two weeks without dietary limitations.


After 16 weeks, the men who followed the intermittent restricted diet had lost more weight than those who followed the continuous regimen, which would suggest that such a diet could work properly for weight loss.

According to the researchers, the above would happen because rest periods would prevent the metabolism from targeting lower caloric needs. Such a reconfiguration would imply the possibility of experiencing the rebound effect and regaining the lost weight.

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The two week diet without diet should be as balanced as possible so that the body does not completely dissociate itself from the above guidelines.

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In the weeks of free diet, 500 kilocalories should be consumed daily so that the body does not lose the rhythm at all.

The Matador technique generates a very drastic and changing diet for you, so you should consult a medical specialist to see what risks this diet can have for your health, so that you do not find complications on your way to weight loss.


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