Discover the History and Charm of Oberndorf: Home of “Silent Night” Chapel and a Beautiful Bridge over the Salzach River.

The beautiful bridge over the river has connected the Salzach towns of Oberndorf and Laufen for generations – this picturesque building was built around 1903 and has seen a lot.

Around 1816, Laufen, together with the Rupertiwinkel, was separated from Salzburg and given to the Kingdom of Bavaria: Oberndorf thus became Austrian and was now a border town between Bavaria and Austria. The salt trade was once of immense economic importance for both towns on the Salzach, Oberndorf and Laufen. With the construction of the railway in the 19th century, transport by ship declined more and more; In 1871 the last corresponding trip on the water took place.

“Silent Night, Holy Night” … The melody by Franz Xaver Gruber and the lyrics by Joseph Mohr have conquered hearts all over the world. On December 24, 1818, today’s most popular Christmas carol was performed for the first time in what was then Oberndorf’s St. Nikola Church. The German lyrics have now been translated into 320 languages. The small Silent Night chapel commemorates the creation of this wonderful song.

But Oberndorf is even more…
You can have a good time in our idyllic little town along the river. Get a taste of the Salzach air, take a stroll, enjoy beautiful views, taste the shops and settle down where it’s comfortable for you. And if you feel like exercising more intensively: You will like the hiking and cycling paths along the Salzach and in the region.

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