Discover the details of the construction of the ecological BRT fast bus

The Ministry of Transport continues the construction of the stations bus frequency The motorway on the ring road, in conjunction with the expansion of the ring road, where the bus will operate in the center of the ring road after assigning two lanes to the center of the ring road.

“The Seventh Day” presents everything related to the new BRT bus project, which represents a sustainable, ecological, ecological and modern means of mass transport, which provides the highest levels of service to the passenger public.

Basis for choosing urban transport:

– Close routes with an average of 2 km every two stations.

High maneuverability.

It takes place on a superficial path.

Short lead times.

Average transfer volume.

1. Design speed: 50-70km / h.

2. Financial cost: $ 2.5 million per kilometer.

3. The capacity of the line: 10,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

4. The capacity of each bus: 180,000 passengers per day.

5. Distance between stations: 1 – 2 km.

6. Places of execution: In the streets permitted by the stretch of road for the construction of stations.

7. Method of implementation: superior – superficial.


• Flexible to use and walk on insulated tracks.

• Its industry is located in Egypt.

• Its cost is lower than other means of transport.

• The speed of passenger loading from the stations.

• Fixed floors of ascent and arrival, regular operating times and dripping times.

• View travel information inside the buses.

• High transport density without heavy traffic.

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