Discover the details of fraud accusations against singer Christian Nodal by Universal Music

After Christian Nodal rose to fame thanks to his talent in music, his name is one of the best known in most countries in Latin America that enjoy his songs. However, outside of her successful career as a singer, Nodal has been involved in various scandals with other celebrities including Belinda, with whom he had a brief romance.

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Although although the artist’s talent cannot be denied to anyone, it would be precisely because of some of his songs that Nodal would be facing a legal battle against Universal Music, a record label with which he signed a contract, which he cut in 2022.

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The record label filed a lawsuit against the artist and his father Jaime González for fraud in some of the interpreter’s songs. According to some reports, this is because, presumably, The singer’s parents would have simulated contracts in order for Nodal to keep the rights to several songs that he would have recorded with Universal Music.

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Because of this, the singer had to appear with his parents at the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), to give his statement. Christian Nodal has come out to say that “It is impossible that they continue committing this type of slavery to artists with record labels by force. I have a resolution from a federal judge ordering that all the measures requested by Universal be denied. There is no veto, it is false, so much so that a judge is ordering it,” he claimed.

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