DISCONNECT.-A retiree earns 18,000 euros selling works of art painted by her dog

01-12-2022 Sold for 430? a work of art painted by a dog YOUTUBE SOCIETY – VIDELO – IVYKITETHEAUSSIE


Owner Lisa Kite, 58, started teaching her adorable nine-year-old Australian Shepherd Ivy how to paint when she had just turned two, after noticing that she was an easy learner of new techniques.

Ivy has been painting for seven years, and Lisa was in charge of teaching the adorable pup how to pick up a brush and paint on the blank canvas. His paintings have different names, from “Merengue” to “Jungle Cat”, and the prices vary; his most expensive work sells for £360.

In addition, the dog has its own profile on social networks, where it has more than 20,000 followers. Quite a feat that has left Instagram users shocked.

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