Disconcerting and politically costly: Adolfo Laborde analyzes AMLO’s refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory

AMLO avoided congratulating Joe Biden, virtual president-elect of the United States, Mexico’s main commercial partner (Photo: File)

For Adolfo Laborde Carranco, International Relations analyst, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s position not to join the recognition of Joe Biden as virtual president-elect has been very orthodox and will delve into high political costs for Mexico.

The doctor in Political Science, with an orientation in International Relations by the National University Autonomous of Mexico (UNAM), said that Mexican diplomacy should already be looking for a rapprochement with the Democrat’s campaign team, well it would be a mistake not to, when the interest of the country demands it.

The president knows that there is already a trend, and more than one president in Latin America recognized it. And the fact of behaving in this very orthodox perspective, I say it makes us move away from our main business partner”, He said in an interview with Infobae Mexico.

López Obrador, touring Tabasco to attend to the floods, said it would be unwise to congratulate Biden, To who electoral projections have already defined the next president of the United States.

The internationalist said that Mexico should already seek rapprochement with the Democrats and Biden (Photo: Universidad Anáhuac)
The internationalist said that Mexico should already seek rapprochement with the Democrats and Biden (Photo: Universidad Anáhuac)

“We are going to wait for all the legal matters to be finished, we don’t want to be reckless, we cannot act, we want to be respectful of the self-determination of the peoples and the rights of others, We want to wait for the matter of the United States election to be legally resolved, I clarify that we have a very good relationship with the two candidates“Said AMLO on the afternoon of this Saturday, November 7 from Villahermosa.

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The UNAM internationalist recalled that in itself, relations between Mexico and the Democrats were already tense, because last July, when the president made a state visit to the US to sign the T-MEC, he had no contact with the political force that championed Biden. That was interpreted as de facto support for Trump, according to the analyst.

“The form is fundamental, I do not understand why our diplomacy has taken this position, since the president of Canada has already expressed himself on the matter. I do not think that there will be an attitude of forgetfulness, of forgiving these actions, because when you speak of political alliances in the international arena, you also have to take into account the actors and the actors are dynamic, and Obrador himself, our president, You are not considering that, so I regret that this happens in this way because it speaks to us of a very static, very erratic vision, of what international relations are ”.

On the other hand, he considered that the bilateral relationship will be through the institutions and there will be a change of diplomatic portfolios; in that sense, Christopher Landau, current US ambassador to Mexico, will be replaced and Mexico should do the same with his representation in Washington.

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López Obrador said he will wait to recognize Biden

Mr. Biden will have to put a person of his high confidence, the current ambassador, since they are Trump’s people, he automatically does not respond to the interests of the DemocratsSo there are two options, either the ambassador resigns, or they ask him to resign and I don’t think that will take long, ”he projected on the rearrangement of forces in diplomacy.

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In consecuense, Martha Bárcena, Mexican ambassador to the US, would also be removed, because he operated politically so that AMLO will visit only Trump and not the Democrats.

They must be very angry, both Nancy Pelosi, and the political bureau of the Democrats themselves, I think it is a matter of diplomatic strategy, to be able to try to settle and start the political interaction again and generate new topics, refresh the relationship and of course, a person related to them, who knows, who can establish bridges of understanding and that it can establish a series of agreements ”, explained Laborde Carranco.

By last, suggested that Mexico should already be seeking rapprochement with Democrats, Regardless of what López Obrador may say in public, it would be regrettable not to act given the political change.

Joe Biden gave his first speech as president-elect in front of his supporters in Wilmington, Delaware (Photo: REUTERS / Jim Bourg)
Joe Biden gave his first speech as president-elect in front of his supporters in Wilmington, Delaware (Photo: REUTERS / Jim Bourg)

“We should already be working with them, for very sensitive issues, represent 82% of our exports, exports in total represent 75% of our Gross Domestic Product, without taking the issue of the major points in common, such as the issue of immigration reform, DACAS, Security, etc., I think we are taking a long time, and not because of an issue of infidelity to Trump but because of the national interest, here we would have to seek the national interest and not other types of assumptions.

Joe Biden has the upper hand in the elections, although the polling stations, which formally decide the winner, will meet until December 14. But nevertheless, media statistics show that the Democrat has already obtained 290 electoral votes, compared to 214 for Donald Trump, who ran for a second four-year term, after winning against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and having ruled ever since.

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“We don’t want to be reckless”: López Obrador avoids commenting on Joe Biden’s virtual victory in the United States

These are the possible changes that the relationship between Mexico and the United States would experience with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in government

How are the steps that follow and when would Joe Biden be proclaimed as president of the United States?

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