Discomfort in the throat is one of the symptoms of monkeypox, here’s how to tell the difference

Hanny explained, the symptoms of fever that appear in chickenpox are also usually not too high and lesions on the skin in different forms can be found in the same time period.

Whereas in monkeypox, the lesions will usually appear in the same shape as long as the patient is infected.

According to Hanny, monkeypox also generally attacks the patient’s face, followed by the appearance of symptoms on the trunk such as the arms, abdomen, trunk, back, and palms.

“So it could be on the palms of the hands and the mucosa, around the eyes, mouth, or even in the mouth, and around the anus or other genital areas. It may still be in certain areas,” said Hanny.

On the same occasion, Hanny also explained that infection with monkeypox is basically the same as infection with other viruses, which can form antibodies. However, in some people with impaired immunity, the virus can infect the body twice.

“If someone is exposed to a viral infection, at that time of course there will be symptoms and then the body will form an antibody. So if the question is, is there a possibility of being infected again? It’s still possible,” said Hanny.

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