Disclosure of a common seed that reduces type 1 sugar, stimulates insulin secretion, and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides

Al-Marsad Newspaper: There are many health benefits of fenugreek, and these benefits are evident in the fact that it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, in addition to its effectiveness in combating and treating some diseases, according to “Web Medicine”.

Among the most important of these benefits:

1. Control your sugar levels

Studies on patients with type 2 diabetes have shown that when they eat fenugreek seeds, an improvement in their blood sugar levels is observed, as fenugreek slows the absorption of sugars in the digestive system and stimulates insulin secretion, and this is what may lead to a decrease in blood sugar in people. Diabetics. It turned out that eating fenugreek with food during a meal contributes to lowering blood sugar levels in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes after eating a meal.

2. Promote heart health and regulate cholesterol levels

Fenugreek has the ability to reduce cholesterol in the body, as a group of studies found that it may indeed contribute to this. A recent study showed that eating fenugreek reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and increases good cholesterol (HDL). Thus, it is an important plant for improving the level of fat in the body. Fenugreek is a source of a number of minerals important for the work of the heart and maintaining blood pressure, such as: potassium, which is an important element for maintaining heart rate, controlling blood pressure, and maintaining fluid balance in the body, and fenugreek contains iron, which is a necessary element for the production of blood cells. red.

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3. Promote digestive health

Eating fenugreek may help enhance the functioning of the digestive system, and prevent stomach disorders and some problems, such as: constipation, indigestion, and bloating. This is thanks to its high content of dietary fiber, and non-starchy polysaccharides such as: pectin and tannin, which speed up and facilitate bowel movement, and increase the absorption of nutrients in the body. These substances bind toxins in food, protect the colon and digestive system from disorders, and prevent cancers of the digestive system.

4. Getting rid of infections

Thanks to the antioxidant content of fenugreek, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, it was found that fenugreek may help prevent cancer and tumors, and it also contains a group of different anti-inflammatory properties in the body.

5. Reducing heartburn

It was found that eating certain fenugreek products before the main meals contributes to reducing the symptoms of acidity and heartburn. According to a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research, it was found that people who suffer from frequent heartburn, and they took fenugreek in the form of a food supplement twice a day and for two weeks 30 minutes before a meal, this helped them relieve heartburn symptoms and control acidity. Thus, the researchers concluded that this is due to the nature of the fibers contained in fenugreek.

6. Increased breast milk production

Fenugreek contains a group of stimulating properties for the milk ducts, which leads to an increase in milk production, and therefore fenugreek may be considered one of the herbal options to increase milk production naturally. 7. Aiding in weight loss Some research has shown that fenugreek seed extracts may help reduce the amount of fat on a daily basis in men who suffer from obesity and overweight, in addition to the high content of fenugreek in soluble fiber that gives you a longer period of satiety, but this feature needs more. of evidence and evidence.

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8. Other benefits of fenugreek

Some of the benefits of fenugreek exist in the treatment of other diseases, but they still need more evidence and evidence, such as: gout, baldness, fever, and sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. Benefits of fenugreek for the face and skin It was found that fenugreek has many benefits that may accrue to the skin of the face and skin in general, we mention some of them in the following:

1. Treat skin problems such as:

Treating scars, boils, eczema, burn effects, and soothing the skin, thanks to its content of antioxidants and vitamin C, in addition to anti-inflammatory substances. How to use: Wet a piece of cloth with the fenugreek seed infusion and wipe the face with it daily.

2. Maintaining the glow of the skin

It was found that the fenugreek has a role in preventing the formation of blackheads, pimples and wrinkles, and in maintaining the cleanliness and moisture of the skin as well. How to use: Wash your face daily with fenugreek seeds boiled water after it cools down, or apply a paste of fresh fenugreek on your face for 20 minutes.

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