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KOMPAS.com – The disbursement of the 13 civil servants’ salaries, which was usually disbursed in July, this time was delayed from the predetermined schedule.

This is because the government is focusing on handling the corona virus pandemic.

However, with the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) Number 44 of 2020 concerning Provision of Salaries, Pension, Allowances or Thirteenth Income in 2020, the disbursement of the 13th salary is scheduled to be disbursed on the day after tomorrow, Monday (10/8/2020).

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So, who is entitled to receive it?

In Article 2 of the PP above, it is stated that the 13th salary is given to civil servants, soldiers TNI, member The National Police, chairperson, deputy chairperson and judges in all judicial bodies, special staff within the ministry, and ad hoc judges.

In addition, leaders of non-structural institutions (LNS), leaders of public broadcasting institutions (LPP), heads of public service agencies (BLU), non-PNS employees at LNS, LPP, BLU, other employees appointed by officials who have authority in accordance with the provisions of regulations legislation, recipients of pension or allowances, and Candidates for Civil Servants.

Especially for civil servants, TNI soldiers, and members of the National Police, the 13th salary is also given to those who are posted or assigned to Indonesian missions abroad.

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Civil servants, TNI soldiers, and members of the National Police who are assigned outside government agencies, both inside and outside the country whose wages are paid by their parent agencies, are also entitled to the 13th salary.

Meanwhile, the condition of non-PNS officers at LNS, LPP, or BLU to receive the 13th salary is to have performed the main duties of the organization in full and continuously for at least 1 (one) year since the appointment.

If less than one year has elapsed, the 13th income can be given upon having signed a work agreement with an authorized office and has been declared entitled to receive thirteenth income or has been appointed to receive thirteenth income by the Office of Personnel Builder.

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The amount of the 13th salary

Regarding the amount, Article 5 explains that the 13th salary is given at the most equal to the income in July, covering basic salary, family allowance, and position allowance or general allowance.

For non-PNS leaders or employees at BLU, the 13th salary is equal to the salary component in remuneration, at most equal to the income given to PNS.

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Especially for civil servant candidates, the 13th salary covers a maximum of 80 percent of the basic salary for civil servants, family allowances, job allowances or general allowances, as stated in Article 11.

It should be noted, the salary disbursement includes income tax in accordance with statutory provisions and borne by the government.

For those who receive more than one type of income, only one of the larger amounts is given.

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Time to disburse the 13th salary

Article 15 states that the 13th salary will be paid in August 2020.

Secretary of the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan-RB) Dwi Wahyu Atmaji explained, with the issuance of this regulation, the salaries of the 13 civil servants will be disbursed on the day after tomorrow, Monday (10/8/2020).

“Yes, God willing, Monday is already disbursed,” said Dwi, quoted from the news Kompas.com, Saturday (8/8/2020).

To note, the disbursement of the 13th salary, pension, allowances, or income is one of the fiscal stimuli in the government’s efforts to maintain purchasing power to meet needs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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KOMPAS.com/Akbar Bhayu Tamtomo
Infographic: Latest Breakdown of Retired Civil Servant Salaries

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