Disaster Girl: Internet memes sold as NFT

Some can laugh about it, others can’t, but everyone knows them: Internet memes – funny photos, animations or drawings – often with funny sayings. One of the best known is called “Disaster Girl” and shows a little girl who appears to be standing in front of a burning house smiling maliciously. Internet users mounted the child’s head on pictures of great catastrophes and thus helped him achieve unwanted fame. Now the now 21-year-old Zoe Roth has made profit from her fame. It has the original photo as a so-called Non-Fungible Token (NFT) auctioned. NFTs are virtual content that has been provided with a digital certificate of authenticity via the blockchain. They can be used to identify photos, songs, paintings and virtual worlds as unique and sell them at high prices. A digital photo collage reached a price of 58 million euros at an auction by the Christie’s auction house in March 2021.

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Meme achieves 180 Ether

Zoe Roth couldn’t get quite that much, but with a sales price of 180 units of the crypto currency Ether, she achieved over 500,000 US dollars at the current rate. She even retains the copyrights to the image. If the digital photo is resold, another ten percent of the proceeds will flow into your pocket. As the New York Times reports, the young woman wants to use the money to finance her student loan and support charitable causes. For them, the sale of the picture was a kind of liberation. Zoe Roth was five years old at the time of recording. Her father submitted the picture to a photo competition. This is how it got online and became world famous. The unstoppable spread, however, always caused Roth discomfort and gave her a feeling of loss of control. The auction now gives her the feeling that she has regained this control at least to some extent.

Disaster Girl is anything but malicious

Incidentally, Zoe Roth was wrongly given the image of a “disaster girl”. In fact, the fire that was photographed was not a catastrophe, but a controlled fire brigade exercise that she had watched. The slightly diabolical look on her face was just her reaction to her father’s request to smile at the camera. As a child, Roth said he always had a slightly “evil smile” in photos. An overview of the history and the numerous versions of the disaster girl meme can be found on, among others YouTube. There the adult Zoe tells how she came to her involuntary fame. If, on the other hand, you are interested in virtual trading in crypto art, you should keep an eye on the Binance trading platform. The recently announced the start of its own NFT marketplace.

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