Disappointing Weekend at the US Box Office: The Nun 2 Holds the Top Spot

Disappointing Weekend at the US Box Office: The Nun 2 Holds the Top Spot

Welcome to the US box office charts, about which there is little good to report this week. Because with just under $49 million in total revenue, we’re talking about the weakest weekend of the year, even $13 million less than last week and that was already the weakest so far.

Even though it was close again, it was The Nun 2 to be at the top for the third time in a row. Once again, the decline was quite moderate at 42%. As a result, he is now almost on an equal footing The Nun is in its third week. Overall, however, it is still $30 million behind due to the weaker opening weekend.

This week’s big loser is: The Expendables 4. The reviews were sometimes devastating and the audience didn’t seem to have much interest in the film either. $8.3 million is a catastrophic result and by far the weakest of the series, almost half less than the already disappointing $15.87 million The Expendables 3. The CinemaScore of B- wasn’t particularly helpful either. If the film actually cost $100 million as reported, it will never be able to make that in its lifetime, because internationally it didn’t look very good either at $10.74 million.

The rest of the charts are relatively unspectacular. The Equalizer 3 – The Final Chapter remains stable, Barbie just doesn’t seem to want to leave the top 5 and also Oppenheimer still clings to the top 10, even if it was extremely close and you only have $50,000 more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Mayhem could place 11th.

There is great hope that the coming week will be much more exciting and will also present us with a new No. 1. With The Creator A science fiction highlight begins that you should definitely have on your screen (our film review follows on Tuesday at 6 p.m.). Also Saw X as well as PAW Patrol 2 – The Mighty Movie could shake up the charts. Definitely an interesting mix of reboots.

Pos Film Einnahmen Gesamt 1 The Nun 2 8.40 Mio. $69.22 Mio. $2 The Expendables 4 8.30 Mio. $8.30 Mio. $3 A Haunting in Venice 6.30 Mio. $25.35 $4 million The Equalizer 4.72 $81.26 million Barbie 3.20 $630.45 million My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 3.00 $23.80 million My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 3.00 $23.80 million $7 It Lives Inside 2.63 Million $2.63 Million $8 Dumb Money 2.50 Million $2.80 Million $9 Blue Beetle 1.81 Million $69.82 Million $10 Oppenheimer 1 .63 million $ 321.21 million $
2023-09-24 17:21:10
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