Disappointed for some fans, iPhone 12 will be canceled this month

PR TASIKMALAYA – Apple most likely canceled launch iPhone 12 to the market this September.

The Corona pandemic makes production iPhone 12 disturbed, so that the schedule for release to the market has been postponed.

Previous Apple Event launching Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE, the eighth generation iPad, and the latest version of the iPad Air. Unfortunately, iPhone 12 not included in the agenda of the event.

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iPhone 12 will be launched in a press conference which is planned to be held on October 12, “said Jon Prosser, technology observer.


Although Apple will launch all series iPhone 12 on October 12, the inaugural sale will be made at a different time.

Hearing this news, some fans Apple of course disappointed. Because iPhone 12 does not appear on the agenda Apple Event.

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“Duh Apple where iPhone 12? I don’t want a new watch or iPad, she wants iPhone 12,” wrote a fanboy Apple in twitter.***


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