Disappointed Expression of Indonesian Pesilat Yachser after being disqualified in the 2021 SEA Games Gold Conquest Final

Kompas.com Journalist M. Hafidz Imaduddin, from Vietnam.

KOMPAS.com – Indonesian fighter, Muhamad Yachser Arafaadmitted that he was very disappointed after only being able to bring home a silver medal from SEA Games 2021.

Muhamad Yachser Arafa was devastated because he lost not because of points or technique but as a result of being disqualified in the Men’s 55-60 kg class B final, Monday (16/5/2022).

In the final party, Muhamad Yachser Arafa faced Singaporean wrestler Muhammad Hazim Din.

Muhamad Yachser actually performed very well and was quite far ahead of Hazim Din.

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Towards the end of the third or final round, Yachser fired a kick that landed on the head (forbidden area) Hazim Din.

Yachser’s kick immediately sent Hazim Din down. The doctor or medical team then went straight to the arena to check on Hazim Din’s condition.

As a result, Hazim Din was declared unable to continue the fight. It was the decision of the team of doctors or the medical team that made Yachser disqualified.

Yachser, who was already more than 10 points ahead, had to settle for the 2021 SEA Games silver medal because Hazim Din could not continue the fight.

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After the match, Yachser immediately apologized to the Indonesian public for not being able to bring home a gold medal from the 2021 SEA Games.

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